Stuttering Recovery Workbook

Stuttering Recovery Workbook
A tool for maintenance and transfer activities

This workbook is to provide a tool to be used during maintenance and transfer activities. It is not intended to offer treatment of
Any kind but should be used in conjunction with therapy and treatment

Long-term elimination of stuttering is very difficult. However, a substantial reduction or total elimination of stuttering in the majority of instances is possible by using a sound technique, a management plan, significant work and effort, and a huge amount of bravery and commitment.

It also requires that people who stutter cease identifying the stuttering behaviour as who they are but rather change their perspective on their stuttering to view it as just one of their many behaviours, although certainly one they don’t like and want to change. One must learn to change what it means to them when they stutter.

You can download thisĀ workbook, you will need Adobe Reader to view the file.