Smooth Speech

Smooth Speech is made up of a few things but the most important thing is to slow down. The following is what smooth speech is made up of

Gentle Onsets to Phrases
If the onset sound is a vowel eg.. “Are you there?”, the vowel should be gentle. If the onset sound is a consonant eg.. “Do you know?”, the movement and contact used in producing that sound should be smooth and gentle enough to ensure continuous airflow.

Phrasing, Pausing and Breathing
Concentrate on how phrases are put together, whether enough breath is being produced for what you are saying, and where that breath is coming from.

Normal Intonation and Voice Quality
Does the voice sound natural with normal speech rhythm? Watch – monotone (no singsong or monotone) – vocal quality (not strained) – vocal pitch (not too high) – volume (not too loud or too soft)

Continuous Smooth Movements
Continuous smooth movement of tongue, lips and jaw which link one sound smoothly to the next. Gentle contacts between tongue, the roof of the mouth, teeth and lips to ensure that consonant sounds are made gently and with out force.

Rate Control
Practice changing speeds from l50 SPM to your coping skills.

To find more information about Smooth Speech and treatment for adults and children contact your local Speech Pathologist.They can usually be found at local hospitals, community Health centres