National Council Members

President and councillor

Vikesh Anand, QLD

I grew up thinking I was shy.  In reality, I now realise that it wasn’t shyness but the fear of stuttering which caused me to keep my mouth shut in school, even when I knew the answer.  I attended my first self help group meeting in November 2001 while living in the United States.

  • For the first time, I spoke about my stutter with other people.
  • For the first time, I did not feel alone.
  • For the first time, I wanted to talk and not stay silent for fear of having a block.
  • For the first time, I felt normal.

I will focus on the following three pillars to continue our goal as an organisation to help people who stutter.

  • Collaborate with professionals
  • Engage kids and their families
  • Educate the public, including employers and schools

Vice President and councillor

Geoff Martin, WA


I  have been a covert stutterer most of my  adult life from age 4.

In 2001 after many disappointments I  joined the Mcguire program in 2001 at age 56. With much personal determination I overcame my fears and after 14 years I am now predominately stutter free. I have determined a large percentage of stuttering comes from social anxiety and lack of personal confidence so I see my involvement with the Australian stuttering Committee a progression in my journey of helping PWS . This committee has a number of professional people who combined with my personal experience with the disability can make a difference going forward. I am honoured to being a part of this organization and look forward to the future.

Treasurer and councillor

Bruce Richmond, NSW/ACTbruce richmondI am married with two sons. I worked as an Accountant and Sales Representative until retiring.

I have lived in Sydney all of my life.

Subsequent to completing an intensive smooth speech course in 1985, I joined Speak Easy.

I have held many positions, both at a State and National level.


Tushar Kumar, VIC

Sophie Hatcher, VIC

Bernard Glennon, NSW/ACT

Kevin Nuttall, QLD

Mark Irwin, SA

Chahak Garg, WA

Paul West, WA

Advisory Board

The advisory board provides advice and information to the ASEA Council and represents one vote on the council.

Dr Janet Beilby, Associate Professor, Curtin University, WA

Dr Susan Block, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University, Victoria

Associate Professor Ross Menzies, Clinical Psychologist, Australian Stuttering Research Centre, University of Sydney, NSW

Dr Celeste Merrigan, Clinical Psychologist, VIC

Associate Professor Ann Packman, Senior Research Officer, Australian Stuttering Research Centre, University of Sydney, NSW