About the ASEA

The ASEA has been in existence for over 30 years and considers itself the peak body representing the interests of Australian people who stutter (PWS), whether they seek to maintain therapy gains or not.  Broadly it seeks to represent 3 groups:

  1. Smooth Speech Maintenance groups
  2. McGuire Programme Maintenance Groups
  3. Self-acceptance support groups

Further to improve the welfare of PWS it seeks close relationships with other stakeholders interested in stuttering in Australia, namely speech pathologists, psychologists and parents and friends of PWS.

Also it has ties with similar associations overseas via its membership of the International Stuttering Association.

Specific Roles of the ASEA include…

  1. advocacy for PWS (Senate inquiry on speech pathology services, see ASEA submission, National Disability Insurance Scheme, see ASEA submission)
  2. provision of opportunity and support for personal  development.
  3. public education and awareness campaigns (Media Release, and Public meetings)
  4. integration and dissemination of stuttering research data.
  5. encouragement  to functioning of support groups.


Mark Irwin (National President) 2013-2017