About Us

Australian Speak Easy is here to help

Stuttering is an obstacle that affects the verbal communication abilities of a significant proportion of the population within our community. But people who stutter needn’t tackle this obstacle on their own.

Australian Speak Easy is a national organisation with State bodies in New South Wales/ACT, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

The Speak Easy Association is a self-help organisation that provides support for people who stutter by holding weekly meetings in their respective metropolitan and rural locations. Groups meet regularly to work on fluency techniques, discuss individual stuttering problems and develop self confidence through role-playing and public speaking.

The Association’s primary aim is to assist people who stutter, particularly after they have undertaken some form of speech pathology treatment, by providing opportunities for its members to practice fluent speech skills, and to help individuals manage and control their speech in daily situations.

To assist with this, the Association works side by side with Speech Pathologists to help keep our members up to date on the latest techniques and treatments including the technique of Smooth Speech.

If you feel that you or a family member who stutters could benefit by receiving the support offered by the Australian Speak Easy Association, please contact the group in your state. If there is no group in your state, please contact the National group.